Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Penelope Potter, The Ground Squirrel

After breakfast, my girls wandered outside, before heading off to kindergarten.

While doing dishes, I heard them screaming.  Dishes went splat!  I ran outside to discover both were fine! Except we  had a visitor  in our pool,  a precious little ground squirrel, named Penelope Potter. Yes, my girls had to name this squirrel.

I quickly grabbed the pool net and rescued the little one.  Girls ran, got some towels and I carefully  wrapped it up.  I really thought there was not much hope but to our surprise, thank God,  "Penelope" came around and scampered off.  Girls were ecstatic as was I.

We returned inside the house, to a wet kitchen, and broken dishes.  Grabbed my car keys, got the girls in the suv and off to kindergarten, in the knick of time.  I am  sure "Penelope" will be a star during show and tell today.

When you live in  the desert its not  unheard of for animals to end up in your pool.  Most never survive the ordeal but today we managed to rescue one of God's creatures,  "Penelope".

Love and Happiness,

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